The-eBook.Club Selling your merchandise

Selling your merchandise

How to sell your items in our system?

Selling ​​through our system is easy and fun:

  1. If you have not done this step before: Register as a new user of this system.
  2. Login using your user ID and password.
  3. Enter a new product. From the Top Menu Select +New -> Product. (If you do not see the Menu Bar at the top you must Login first.)
  4. Enter the title of the item or merchandise offered for sale.
  5. Add a detailed description and a shor description.
  6. Set the price, quantity, size and weight of the product.
  7. Upload a featured image and all related images.
  8. Save your entry.

To start selling immediately

Exit to the SHOP portal, find the product page just submitted and copy the link (URL) of the product. Then, paste it into all your emails and your website, Facebook page, Gmail +, etc. you can include it in all articles (posts) in all your social networks.

Constantly announce that link to ensure more sales. Remember that other users-Sellers are also doing the same, and the overall marketing of all benefits all users. This means that the action of other users in this system will also help you to sale your goods, as their actions could result in sales. We wish you “good luck” in your sales.

How do you know when you have sold a product?

We will notify you via email about every sale made for you to send the product immediately.

If your product is a digital media: Upload the file or Send the product to the email address provided to you.
If your product is a shippable product: Make sure you send the product by flat rate priority mail (or bulk rate unless specified), with the option of “tracking” (tracking), so the buyer can trace the delivery process at any time.

Once we are notified the buyer has received the product and he/she is fully satisfied, we will credit the full purchase amount less our sales commission (10%)  directly into your bank account, (we can also provide you with a ‘VISA “or” MasterCard card (at your choice) so you can use your money anywhere in the world.

We only deduct 10% of each sale as a sales commission for our services. You do not have to make any payment in advance. We collect only if a sale was 100% successful. If a sale is subject to a full refund, we will also refund our commission in full.

Our delivery system

Books and other products offered in our system are cleared from the home or office of each vendor anywhere in the world.

If the product is a digital product, it must be dispatched within 24-48 hours via email, to the email address you will be instructed from which we have received a payment via PayPal, the buyer may also request to send it to a different email address which it will be provided to you.

All other products are to be dispatched via regular mail, bulk rate, by land preferably. Delivery may delay between 7-31 working days. Depending on the origin and the destination. If this method is used, be patient, it is very possible that a delivery will take between 10 to 30 calendar days. We will send the buyer an electronic invoice within 48 hours to recover the costs of shipping.