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First of all, let me thank you for purchasing this e-Book – I hope you find it

informative and helpful. And I hope it will even inspire you to go out and create

your own piece of software!

In this e-Book I am going to show you exactly how I developed my software

application from start to finish, without any programming knowledge! I am going

to be looking at what problems I encountered and how I overcame them. I will

also look at the marketing techniques that I used to recover 75% of the cost of the

software within the first 48 hours of it being on sale. I won’t just be talking

theory, though, I am going to show you the exact emails that I sent out to my

mailing list to generate these sales!

Not only will this software make me money from the sales but I am also

using it to generate „back-end sales„ for many years to come without any effort

on my part. Again, I will show you exactly how this is done from start to finish.

As if that wasn’t enough, I will also answer the question that people have

been asking me since I released the software:

„Why did you choose to develop a software application rather than an e-Book?„

I will give you my exact reasons behind this choice and I will also discuss

whether this idea is right for you. Software development certainly won’t be for

everyone but I hope to give you an insight into what it takes and the time/costs


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