PAY AND DOWNLOAD: HELPING YOUR CHILD BE HEALTHY AND FIT, .. Get Ready, Get Set, Grow Up Healthy, .. can help your child learn how to grow up healthy. This book has, .. Choosing what foods to eat is important in pursuing a healthy, .. appropriate and healthy ways of handling stress, through, .. A healthy lifestyle includes habits that will help your child, ..

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The Basics

Important Things To Know


Face File

A Mirror of Me

Quilt of Many Feelings

My Folder

This Is the Our Hands

Smile If You Like Me!

Follow the Recipe!

Oven-Fried Potatoes

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To Share or Not To Share?

I Do It for Me

Hold That Tiger!

Warm Up


Run For It!

Keep Going!

Long-term good health is less an accident than the result of good

habits and wise choices. To enjoy good health now and in the

future, youngsters must learn how to eat, exercise, sleep,

control stress, and be responsible for personal cleanliness and

reducing the risk of disease. In addition, they need to be aware

of what to do in an emergency and when to say „no„.

Habits that include eating nutritious foods and understanding the

relationship between physical and emotional health will help your

child grow up healthy. Your child’s ability to learn and the

chances for a longer and more productive life can be greatly

improved by developing and following good health practices.

First of All, Your Child Is Special

The mental and emotional health of your child is just as

important as physical health. From the earliest moment, a child

needs to feel that he or she is special and cared about by family

members and friends.

A child who enjoys good mental and emotional health is able to

approach new situations with confidence. When children are

comfortable with themselves, they can express their emotions in a

positive way. As children learn to value themselves and develop

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