PAY AND DOWNLOAD: PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR COLLEGE, .. PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR COLLEGE, .. of a college education and about ways to put college within reach, .. they will be eligible to enter college. You — working with, .. of going to college. It will help your child to prepare, .. academically for the rigors of college. A good academic record, .. when the

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I. General Questions About College

Why attend college?

What types of colleges exist?

What kinds of jobs are available to college graduates?

II. Preparing for College

What can my child do to prepare academically for college?

What can my child do outside the classroom to prepare for


III. Choosing a College

How can my child go about choosing a college?

IV. Financing a College Education

How much does a college education cost?

How can I afford to send my child to college?

Are there other ways to keep the cost of college down?

V. Long-Range Planning

How do I set up a long-range plan?

College Preparation Checklist for Students

Financial Preparation Checklist for Parents


It’s never too early to think about college — about the benefits

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