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PAY AND DOWNLOAD: If you want to take a look at the small business grants available, the best place to start is, .. from all government agencies for free. Many business grants will be geared towards, .. There are a good number of business grants out on the market today and the table below, ..

If you are looking to open a business of

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If you are looking to open a business of your very own, you are not alone. Every year

more and more people make the decision to stop working to make other people rich and

to start their own businesses. For most of them, having the start-up capital that is needed

is harder than one might think.

Small business grants are often a hot topic with new business people with a small amount

of money and little access to other capital. We have all seen the many media claims about

„Free Government Grant for Small Business.„ It seems all too easy to get these days.

Of course, if it were really that easy, all you would have to do is find a government small

business grant to apply for, apply and before you knew it you would have the money to

grow your business.

Most U.S. government departments, like the Department of Commerce, do not provide

any grants for help in starting a small business. Grant programs are available through

state programs and other groups as well. The grant programs are often awarded to people

in fields such as medicine or education, and they all have specific eligibility criteria.

The process of finding a small business grant program to apply for and reviewing the

requirements to getting is very time consuming. After conducting a two-week search for a

medical publisher, I found the requirements to be very specific and difficult to meet.

Eligibility can be based on your location, and your business’ sales revenue to the

application date, years in business, sex, race, and even for the purpose of funding. If your

business sets out on a small business grant seeking mission there are some questions that

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