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Unless you’re brand new to the world of internet marketing, you’ll be aware of the fact

that almost on a daily basis someone seems to have discovered a brand new „method„ of

making money online. The latest success strategy being shouted from the rooftops is to

use social network media such as Twitter. Before that there were numerous others

including blogging, Google Pay Per Click, eBay, etc. The list goes on.

Certain elements of selling on the internet however, are fairly constant. You will need to

have some kind of product or service for sale, either your own or somebody else’s. On

the other side of the equation, if you want to be successful online you will need to find

people willing to pay you for your goods or services. In other words, customers.

One of the most difficult things to do in sales and marketing is to not only find people

who may be interested in your product, but also to persuade them to hand over to you

their hard-earned money. However, once someone has bought a product or service from

you and they are happy with their purchase a „bond of trust„ has been created.

They now know you, they are hopefully pleased with what you have sold them, which

makes them more receptive to buying further products from you. This is the principle of

„repeat business„, or „repeat customers„. It is one of the most powerful elements of

marketing, whether online or offline.

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