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By default only books in PDF format delivered via immediate download are offered and sold in this site. If you have already ordered an eBook and have made the payment via PayPal, your item will be available to you for immediate download. If by any chance you missed the download option at the time of your purchase, just can visit your account page and all the items you’ve ordered will always be available there for immediate download.

If a PDF file is not available for download it may had broken or is corrupt and would need to replace it immediately, If you have any problems downloading a file please let us know so we can take the necessary steps to replace or reinstall the file.

Printed copies are not offered nor automatically sold in this system. If you prefer a printed copy, you will have to order and pay for your printed copy separately.  If you also ordered a “printed copy” of any of our eBooks and you have already made the payment via PayPal, the eBook (PDF) will be available to you as a PDF file ready for immediate download. The printed version you ordered of the eBook will be sent to you via USPS at bulk rate, unless otherwise specified and paid by the customer. Shipping will take place any time during the next 2 to 5 working days, (48 to 104 hours  delay). Tracking Information will be sent to you via email as soon as we have it available.

Not all countries offer “tracking information”

Some countries like the USA, Canada, and some European and Asian counties offer “Tracking Information” for parcels shipped via certain carriers.  If the product sent to you has “tracking information”, you will be notified with the tracking number via email so you can track the delivery process using your cell phone or any Internet browser.

Allowed time to receive your product/merchandise

Please be patient, no special or additional actions are necessary on your part after placing an order for printed media, meanwhile, (optionally), you can send us an email to: notifying us with the receipt number provided to you by PayPal when making your purchase. While this step “is not” a requirement, as it is not necessary, at least you will alert us that “the transaction was successfully completed” so we can speed up the shipping process; Otherwise, just wait quietly, we will be automatically notified by PayPal regarding your payment, and we will proceed to immediately ship or deliver your purchased item to you as soon as possible.

Shipments between the same country take about 3 to 10 business days.
Shipments between different countries take about 10 to 30 business days.

Thank you very much for your business !!